Pentair Drinking Water Systems

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Pentair Drinking Water Systems

Introducing the new Pentair (Point of Use) drinking water systems with an all new quick change, click-in installation for the proprietary cartridge made exclusively for the water treatment professional. The systems come complete with everything needed for the install.  It includes a John Guest 3 way connection, 3/8” tubing, the filter system with cover, and drinking water faucet. The water supply valve also includes a shut off for ease of serviceability that fits multiple piping styles. The cartridges are color coded to maintain proper filter sequence, and all the materials are NSF certified. There is also a built-in check valve in the system to provide multi-point backflow protection. There is also an optional remote cartridge timer to provide a visual filter replacement notification. All systems come with a powder coated mounting back plate. There are three different styles of systems including a single cartridge model, a dual cartridge model, and a three cartridge model.

Pentair Single Catridge Drinking Water System

The single cartridge model has a .6gpm service flow rate, and has a service life of 750 gallons or 1 year before filter replacement is needed. Weighing in at a mere 1.8 pounds and being a fairly small unit allows for installation anywhere including under the sink, and behind a refrigerator. The system will prevent Chlorine taste and odor, and remove down to .5 microns of sediment. The system also decreases the amount of cysts, lead, atrazine, and lindane found in the water. This would be an ideal system for city water, and places that have extremely limited space including apartments with not a lot of space around the fridge where it will be hooked up, or under the sink where space is limited. The dimensions are 12.25” High 3.5” Wide, and 4.8” in diameter.

Pentair Dual Catridge Drinking Water System

The dual cartridge system also has a .6gpm service flow rate, but it does have a little bit less of a service life because of the size and amount of sediment it can take out of the water. 675 Gallons, or 12 months is the rated service life for the cartridges in this system, and it weighs just 4.5 pounds, so it is still a fairly small unit that you can fit under most sinks, and behind, or between most fridges to keep it out of sight. This system also takes out sediment down to .5 microns, and also removes cysts, Atrazine, lead, lindane, and chloroform from the water. The system dimensions are 12.5” High, 8” Wide and 5.25” Diameter.

Pentair 3 Stage Drinking Water System

The 3-stage system also has a .6gpm flow rate, and like the dual cartridge system it also has a service life of 675 gallons, or 12 months. The system weights 6lbs and is the largest and heaviest of the systems so this system is recommended for areas that have a little bit more space whether above the fridge in a cabinet for fridge installs, or under the sink where there is a lot of room. This system like the others takes care of chlorine taste and odor, as well as sediment particulates down to .5 microns. This system also gets rid of cysts, atrazine, lead, lindane, and Chloroform just like the other systems. The system dimensions are 12.5” High, 11.25” Wide, and 5.25” Diameter. Though all the systems essentially take care of the same water problems, the bigger systems are able to more efficiently and effectively clean because it is going through multiple sumps, and everything is not held in one of the filters. You could easily use either the dual, or the 3 stage systems on wells or bad city water with no problems, where the single stage might have a little bit more trouble.

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