Industrial Water Softener for Biochem Boiler Feed

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Custom Industrial Water Softeners for Boiler Feed

This project was built for a large boiler feed application. The design on this skid is dual tank co-current softeners followed by a single counter current polishing softener for high-quality water. In a co-current water softener, the resin is regenerated in the same direction as the service flow (downwards). The vessel has a large freeboard to allow expansion of the resin bed when backwashing, to remove suspended solids and resin fines. The counter current design is a Packed Bed System, in which regenerant is applied in the opposite direction to the service flow, resulting in reduced chemical consumption, improved water quality and fewer waste volumes compared to traditional co-current regenerated systems. Counter-current regeneration systems should provide a water quality of better than 2 µS/cm (0.5

Pictured is a Triplex 63” structural fiberglass tank system, with 304 Stainless steel skid and supports, Aquatherm Polypropylene-random (PP-R) Plumbing and actuated ball valves build for a Biochemical Company.


Each component of any of our Industrial Water Softener assemblies is fully customizable to meet specifications or environmental demands. The Stainless steel skid was specifically built to meet the tank size as well as meet the customer’s space limitations. The vertical uprights and structures were custom built and welded around the plumbing tree to provide rigid plumbing support. The Structural fiberglass tanks used are made with a 100% composite fiberglass construction, manufactured in the U.S.A., cannot and will not rust, and are a non-corrosive, cost-effective solution for commercial/industrial water treatment. The manual and actuated ball valves used are The Type-21 Asahi Polypro ball valve from Asahi-America. Each valve is assembled with a Series 79 pneumatic actuator to allow for the valve to be controlled via an air supply. The actuators are mounted on the valve through a coupling and bracket set up with an ISO bolt pattern. Units have a visual position indicator and operate as quarter turn actuators. Automation can be performed through optional equipment such as solenoids, positioners or BUS systems. This application uses a Panelview 700 plc with stainless steel enclosure and stainless steel airlines for control. Operational valves, Carbon steel flanges, and stainless steel fixed orifice drain line flow controls on this system are all installed with Aquatherm (PP-R) plumbing. Aquatherm's polypropylene Green Pipe is hydrophobic, which prevents it from corroding or leaching. It is completely free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, is approved by UPC, IPC, and IRC and is in accordance with CSA B137.11 for potable applications. It has been used on many commercial and industrial projects across the U.S. and Canada. Aquatherm’s PP-R is also a non-corroding material, which provides both rigidity and flexibility, resulting in a material with strong structural properties that can still bend enough to absorb impact. The assembled joints are heat-fused together, giving it connections that even outlast the pipe itself.