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Industrial Water Treatment Equipment & Service

The Robert B. Hill Co. designs and manufactures industrial water treatment systems and equipment such as industrial water softeners, filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization (DI), dealkalizers, arsenic removal systems, radium removal systems, uranium removal systems, fracking water treatment, and many other types of equipment. For our ion exchange systems we use Dow, Rohm & Haas, and Purolite resins. We serve many markets including refineries, power and steam generation, food processing, chemical processing, industrial manufacturing, medical, laundry facilities, pharmaceuticals, government, municipal, agriculture, mining, metal plating, resorts, institutional, and potable water facilities.

Along with our industrial capabilities, we also design and manufacture commercial water treatment systems and equipment for car wash facilities, apartment complexes, hotels, office buildings, restaurants, condos, schools, and many other applications. The difference between commercial and industrial equipment is the markets served and the design. Commercial water softeners typically consist of a top mounted, Fleck, Clack, or Autotrol valve(s) on a fiberglass pressure vessel. For higher flow rates, steel pressure vessels with Autotrol diaphragm valves are used. Our designs include single unit skid mounted water softener, duplex skid mounted water softeners, and triplex skid mounted water softeners.

Industrial Water Treatement

Commercial Salt DeliveryMinneapolis, MN

At the Robert B. Hill Co. we strive to be the best at commercial salt delivery in MN. Our process starts with bulk salt being shipped via rail cars from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The rail cars come into our facility where the bulk salt is unloaded into one of our storage bins. From there, the salt is either loaded into our Neusalt delivery trucks or into a hopper to be used by our salt bagging team. Our salt bagging team bags 50 and 80 lb. salt bags, which are then delivered by one of our bag salt delivery drivers. Being able to control the entire process enables us to make sure that we do not have shortages and allows us to control the quality and cost of our product. We are the only company in Minnesota that manufacturers bag salt and also delivers Neusalt.

Neusalt is our revolutionary process of delivering salt pneumatically to a storage tank inside your facility. This eliminates the need for bags and allows our drivers to pull up to a connection point on the outside of your facility without requiring access to your mechanical room. These applications typically are for customers that use a large quantity of salt. We can design the system so that we are at your facility as little as possible, depending on the space that you have available for a storage tank. A large storage tank allows for lower salt costs and allows for fluctuations in your salt usage. We deliver to the counties of Anoka County, Carver County, Dakota County, Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Scott County, Sherburne County, Washington County, and Wright County.

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