Neusalt Salt Delivery

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Neusalt is our revolutionary process of delivering salt pneumatically to a storage tank inside your facility.  This eliminates the need for bags and allows our drivers to pull up to a connection point on the outside of  your facility without requiring access to your mechanical room.  These applications typically are for customers that use a large quantity of salt.  We can design the system so that we are at your facility as little as possible depending on the space that you have available for a storage tank.  A large storage tank allows for lower salt costs and allows for flucuations in your salt usage.

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Hill Water Neusalt Delivery

If you are looking at getting a Neusalt System for your facility please call our office today.  The process begins with a site survey to determine your needs. We look at the size of your current water treatment system, water usage, salt usage, and available space.  After the site survey, our sales and engineering department will discuss your specific needs and design a system that is right for you.  Once we have a design, we will give you a quotation on the Neusalt that will be delivered to your location.  Along with the quotation for Neusalt, we can also calculate your monthly and annual salt consumption.  Once all of your questions and concerns have been answered, our scheduling department will contact you to set up a time to install our Neusalt System.  Our system consists of a bulk storage tank, day tank, a feed line to an exterior wall, and a vent system.  When the system is complete we will begin delivering salt immediately.

Where does our salt come from?

Our process starts with bulk salt being shipped via rail cars from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  The rail cars come into our facility where the bulk salt is unloaded into one of our storage bins.  From there the salt is loaded into our Neusalt Salt Delivery.  Being able to control the entire process enables us to make sure that we do not have shortages and allows us to control the quality and cost of our product.  We are the only company in Minnesota that delivers Neusalt.

Logistics play a role in delivery of commercial salt.

Our delivery area consists of the Twin Cities Metro Area and many cities outside of the metro.  A list of counties include: Anoka County, Carver County, Dakota County, Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Scott County, Sherburne County, Washington County, and Wright County.

NeusaltNeusalt Delivery System Diagram